I.R.F. Machine Works, Inc.

Lets Build Together

I.R.F. offers custom metalwork and fabrication for mobile kitchens/food trucks, film/video production equipment, prototyping, and model aviation. Helping you find solutions since 2000, Walt Dimick is the machinist and creative behind it all.

Walt Dimick

Owner/Operator of I.R.F. Walt has been a jack of all trades his entire life and excels at problem solving and innovative fixes. He comes from a long line of mechanically minded inventors and has extensive expertise in the film industry, model aviation and custom machine work.

Innovative. Retirement. Funding. (I.R.F.)

What started as a way to ‘retire’ but keep working with his hands and make a little money, quickly became a whole new business for Walt to focus on. We keep the name as a nod to how it began!