Generation 2-RDS

RDS is back with more flexibility and a sleeker design!

For the past eight years, IRF Machine Works has manufactured and supplied the original RDS hardware as designed by, long time modeler and innovator, Harley Michaelis. Harley has continued to add touches to his original design, and recently introduced a complete remake, the G2-RDS. We have taken up the manufacture and distribution of this new improved version. The technical advantages of Generation 2 RDS are many and are best explained by reading the documents prepared by Harley himself at:

RDS was designed to provide a hidden, parasitic-drag-free way to move the control surfaces of RC aircrafts. While the first version of RDS accomplished this very well, the 2nd Generation design of RDS offers several improvements:

  • 25% weight reduction in a typical system.
  • Easier installation and more flexibility of wiper angles available.
  • More variation in hinging options. Incorporation of automatic fore and aft adjustability (sliding hex), with maintained rigid rotary movement.

Purchasing G2RDS

Please see table below for our current pricing(which is always subject to change) We will have predesigned packages available soon but if you would like to purchase your own custom selection of G2RDS parts use the table below to make your selection then email with your desired item numbers, paypal email address and desired shipping address and we will send you a paypal invoice for your approval.

Coupler (one pair)$4.50
Gauge 8 tube shafts, 6″ long with silver soldered hex (one pair)$15
Gauge 8 SS tube 6″ section only (one)$5
Assembled precision pockets for 30 size wiper (one pair)$16
Assembled precision flap pocket (one pair)$16
W30-30Drill size 30 wiper with 30 degree bend angle (pair)$5
Drill size 30 wiper with 45 degree bend angle (pair)$5
Drill size 30 wiper with 62 degree bend angle (pair)$5
Drill size 30 wiper with 85 degree bend angle (pair)$5
Gauge 10 SS tube shafts 6″ long with silver soldered hex (pair)$18
Gauge 10 SS tube only (one)$5
Assembled precision pocket for size 37 wipers (pair)$16
Assembled precision flap pocket for size 37 wipers (pair)$16
W37-30Drill size 37 wiper with 30 degree bend angle (pair)$5
W37-45Drill size 37 wiper with 45 degree bend angle (pair)$5
W37-62Drill size 37 wiper with 62 degree bend angle (pair)$5
W37-85Drill size 37 wiper with 85 degree bend angle (pair)$5
Servo screws for Futaba, JR and Airtronix (pair)$4
Servo screws for Hitec (pair)$6
Brass reinforcing sleeves (pair)$6
3/8″ section of hex tube (pair)$4
aluminum coupler for Hyperlon DS09 servo (pair)$20
aluminum coupler for Dymond D-47 servo (pair)$20
aluminum coupler for Dymond D-60 servo (pair)$20
Gauge 13 SS tube shaft with soldered hex (pair)$25
1/16″ wiper with 45 degree bend (pair)$5
W116-621/16″ wiper with 62 degree bend (pair)$5
W116-901/16″ wiper with 90 degree bend (pair)$5
Precision pocket for 1/16″ wiper (pair)$20
Priority USPS Shipping for G2RDS – US Domestic- $9, Mexico & Canada- $25, Everywhere Else- $45

Please email your order requests to with your product number choices, Paypal email address, and shipping location. We will then send you a Paypal invoice for your approval.

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