Little BIG Winch PAT. PEND.

Manufactured by I.R.F. Machine Works, Inc. Milwaukie, Oregon


Technical Specifications:




Motor: 12 volt DC, rare earth magnet type. (New motor as of 10/98)

Click here to find more out about the new motor.

Solenoid: Continuous duty, designed for

winch applications.

Brake: Dynamic, ballast resistor.

Frame and Spool: All aluminum, anodized

Spool capacity: 2200 feet of #15 braided nylon

winch line.

Hub size: 2.00 inches.

Battery quick connectors: 200amp capacity

Total weight: 14.75 pounds





Pulley: 3.5 inch diameter, phenolic pulley with sealed, lifetime lubed, military spec. ball bearing.

Frame: The pulley is recessed into 6061 anodized aluminum side plates.

Stake: 30 inch, 5/8 inch diameter galvanized steel. Unique two piece stake system design (new as of 10/98) including 1 inch strike cap and stand-off spacer. Pulley is free to swivel 360 degrees on the stake.

Total weight: 3.75 pounds

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