Little BIG Winch Design Updates (as of October 1998)



The low down on the new motor.

Several current owners have asked why I did not use this motor to begin with. The answer is, It was not available in a pertmanent magnet configuration, at a competitive price at the time I put the LBW on the market. It is now though and so, more is better right?( as long as you can still have it in a compact package) . This motor is definitely more powerful than the original. The new motor is still of a permanent (rare earth) magnet design. The robust bearings and the commutator configuration are identical with the original motor. The main difference is in the size of the armature. Thus the increase in torque. The following curves show the old and new motors compared.

All new winches after August 1998 will be shipped with this motor and this is reflected in the current pricing.


Graph of old and new motors.


The cost to retrofit an existing LBW with the new motor involves moving the support brackets to accomidate the added length replacing the handle and grip with a longer one, rerouting a few wires, remachining the spindle hole and brooching a keyway into the reel. The cost is 150.00 including the new motor. Please allow 2 weeks for me to turn it around. Please note: at present I have no buy back program for the original motor and will return it with your re-fitted winch.



The new "Ultimate Turnaround"


Turnaround Stake design-update:

I have continued to try to come up with a way to solve the problems created when the stake is pounded into the ground. Unless you hold down on the pulley while hammering, the mass of the pulley will try to blow the collars off the stake. My new design separates the stake from the pulley during the pounding in process by using a three piece configuration. I am very happy with the way that this solves this problem. This design change really make a difference! I can retro-fit your turnaround for $20.00 including domestic US return shipping, or I can send you instructions on how to do an abreviated job yourself if you send me a SASE along with a request for the "turnaround update info".

All you need to accomplish the changes in the do it yourself instructions is a basic knowledge of metal working, a grinder, a good file, an 1/8" pin punch, and a hammer. You will also have to buy a couple of dollars worth of materials described in the instructions. Give me a call if you want to know what the difference is between the do-it-yourself version and the factory retro-fit.

All new turnarounds with or without winch packages shipped after September 1998 will be shipped with this update and this is reflected in the current pricing.

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