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The Little BIG Winch is a compact, light weight, complete launching system for Radio Controlled Sailplanes.


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Suggested Batteries


  Little BIG Winch PAT. PEND.

Get big winch performance in a 16-pound package you can carry in one hand. Coupled with your 12 volt, deep cycle, lawn tractor sized battery (GNB #DCU1-34 or equivalent) the Little Big Winch will launch your open class sailplane dozens of times at a flying session. The Little Big Winch system "A" comes ready to fly with 1400' of line, swivel, parachute, heavy-duty turnaround, securing stakes, foot pedal switch, and high amp battery quick-connectors.

The Little Big Winch is a compact RC sailplane launching winch, built on an anodized, all aluminum frame for light weight. The cool running, powerful motor utilizes rare earth permanent magnets and robust bearings, and is fully capable of launching and zooming 3-4 meter sailplanes.

I designed the Little Big Winch to be used as a personal, practice winch, and really was aiming for maximum convenience with as much launch power as I could build in, still keeping it light and small enough to be carried in one hand. At 16 lbs. this winch is extremely portable, and if you use the suggested riding mower sized deep cycle battery, you can carry that and the turnaround in the other hand. You will find that the Little Big Winch sets up nearly as easily as a hi-start, yet unlike a hi-start, is usable in cold weather and on any size field without modification. One trip to setup truly makes it possible to go winch flying on your lunch hour. Fly when YOU want to with a Little Big Winch.

Manufactured by I.R.F. Machine Works, Inc., Milwaukie, OR.



The Little BIG Winch was featured at the 1998 WRAM show in NY.


Did you see the exclusive article about the Little Big Winch, in RC Soaring Digest ?



A complete LBW system was purchased by the LASS as a raffle prize at the 1998 Mid South Soaring Championships in Louisville, KY.

CLICK HERE to see who won


On-going design updates


The motor that is the heart of the LBW was the result of 2 years of R&D and customer feedback . All complete packages now also include the newly redesigned "Ultimate Turnaround". (Note: the "Ultimate Turnaround" is also available separately)

To find out more about the new improved Little Big Winch CLICK HERE


New Anti-Spooling Brake

This design has been so successful that it is now standard on all new winches

(also available as a retrofit)


More easily removeable Reel

The motor shaft is now threaded, and the reel is retained with a locking nut,

thus making it possible to remove the reel from the winch while it is still loaded with line.



Want to find out more about launching with a winch?

Click here to see a great article from the LASS newsletter on beginning winch launching and flying in general



,manufacturers of the Little Big Winch, now also manufacture and are the exclusive source of the Heavy Duty Accesories for the Kimbrough Products Rotary Driver System. The cleanest, least visable, and most drag free way to move ailerons, flaps and elevators on your RC gliders and power planes.

Find out more about the RDS System.


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Little BIG Winch Price List

(As of March, 2014. Prices subject to change.

All prices exclude shipping and handling. For S&H costs for specific items see the Order info page)

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Winch Systems:


A. Complete System ready to fly with 1500' of line, bb swivel & parachute, heavy duty turnaround, securing stakes, foot pedal switch with six foot cable, and high amp battery quick-connectors. (male & female set) INCLUDES NEW ANTI-BACKLASH BRAKE

 B. Winch only with two hold down stakes, battery quick connectors, and twist loc foot pedal connectors. (male & female sets) Order this package if you have your own turnaround, parachute and foot pedal switch, and prefer to supply and load your own line. INCLUDES NEW ANTI-BACKLASH BRAKE  $665.00
 C. As in "B" above with foot switch and six foot cable installed on twist loc connector. INCLUDES NEW ANTI-BACKLASH BRAKE  $695.00





Individual components
Foot switch with six foot cable and twist loc connector  $39.00

 Anti-backlash brake retrofit kit including extra length tap drill and instructions.

(shipping on this item is an additional 6.00 for lower 48 US states)

Spool #15 woven winch line. (1400' approx.)  $15.00
 Parachute with welded ring and bb swivel.  $23.00
Heavy duty custom machined "Ultimate" turnaround, with 3.5 " ball bearing pulley captured between aluminum side plates. Includes unique staking system with 30 " long, galvanized, 5/8 " steel stake. When in use the pulley is able to rotate 360 degrees, but will always return to launch position.  $135.00
Replacement stake for turnaround  $35.00

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The "Ultimate" Turnaround

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Order Info / Instructions / Send E-Mail / Testimonials/ Technical Specs/ Updates