<<<I.R.F. Machineworks>>>

I.R.F. is a design, machine, and fabrication shop located in Milwaukie, Oregon.

"We are equipped to handle nearly all aspects of metal fabrication in-house."

walt dimick picture Walt Dimick (Owner) comes from a metalworking background as well as having spent 30 years in the motion picture production business. Custom Camera work, Projector work and restoration is therefore a particular specialty at I.R.F.

Milling, Turning, Grinding, Heat treating, Welding...etc.

As well as doing small part fabrication and repair work for a variety of clients, I.R.F. manufactures several of it's own products for the cine & video community.

We also work with inventors to produce prototypes and consult on manufacturing design to facilitate maximum ease in mass CNC production.

>>>R/C airplane product line<<<

Little Big Winch

2nd Generation RDS

>>>Cine/Video Product Line is available at the link below!<<<


***Innovative Cine & Video Equipment***

*The Original Pocket Grip *Universal Cine Tape Brackets *Custom Monitor Yoke/Brackets
*Jimmy Jib Accessories *Steadicam Plate for Alexa coming soon...

Questions? E-mail me:

>>> wdimick@aol.com<<<